Friday, 7 February 2014


Most people let their health routine go around the Christmas and NYE period, I was no exception, but with a new year, comes new resolutions, and I wanted to try and change something for the better in my life.
Promising yourself that EVERYTHING you do will be super healthy in the new year is setting yourself up for a big disappointment. So I had to think small and realistic. What can I really keep up with even on busy, tired days?

I came up with swapping black tea or coffee for healthier options. I am a big hot beverages drinker, so over the year I calculated I would have at least 1200 hot, and very caffeinated drinks.

But can you really replace the kick you get from a strong black tea or coffee with something else?! Impossible! I was very sceptical about the idea, especially in the morning! I crave my caffeine and without it, could easily crawl back into my bed and sleep until I get my fix. I simply can't function without it.

So I researched what would be the best way to kickstart the day and still get your buzz and discovered that warm water with half a lemon is an amazing way to start your digestive system and it will give you enough *zing* not to collapse on the floor. I had to try it out.

The first week was not easy, I still craved the smell of my strong earl grey tea... but I stuck with it. And funnily enough, I really felt like the lemon gave me a punch to start my day full of energy. Lemons are acidic but once your body processes them, they become alkaline, which is best for your tummy! There are whole alkaline diets (Miranda Kerr, Victoria Beckham).. Well, let's just start with the lemon water, I don't think I will ever be able to pull off an alkaline diet. But lemon water is a small step in the right direction!

So I stuck with the changes, and it's the end of my first month and I truly think I will stick with it in the long run. I will still have and odd coffee or tea when I want it, but that's besides the point. Waking up, and starting your day with something good for you will make you happier and more positive  even if you polished off  three chocolate bars the night before. 

Onto my last point, since I started this, my skin has brightened and cleared up a LOT! I always had really bad under eye purply bags and redness around my chin, and somehow it really helped both these issues. Apparently, strong caffeinated drinks may cause you to become dehydrated and under eye bags will appear as a result. Unfortunately, if your coffee/tea is causing you under eye circles, even the best eye creams don't have a chance. Tweak your habits and you won't need the expensive creams! I am not claiming it is a miracle cure that will work on everyone but try it out for a month and see if you notice anything new in your skin.

I don't have a good explanation as to why the redness on my chin faded away, I had it all my life and always needed to conceal it, it is still there now but much lighter than before, so I will stick with this routine and see if it ever completely fades away *fingers crossed*!

PS: If you never really liked the taste of green tea, I found a great one which is very tasty and completely different from the sometimes more acrid green teas around. Try the Milky Oolong teas (they don't contain milk, it's just a name cause they smell milky-creamy). I am loving their brioche smell and light, smooth taste. 

For UK readers try it out here.

For US/Canada find it here and here.

If life gives you lemons..... clear your skin out with lemon water! 

Love, London Girl  xxx

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