Monday, 10 March 2014


I made a favourite foundation post a couple of weeks back, if you are interested in it you can find it here. So I thought I would continue on the foundation route and share my favourite drugstore bases with you.

I have been a fan of the first one for years, I always think I will find something better, but I never do. It is the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation. I have combination skin (with some dry patches sometimes) and it simply gets my skin. Does not cling onto dry patches, does not make it cake-y, illuminates, gives a nice dewey and healthy glow without any shine particles. Completely undetectable in daylight. On top of that, it has beneficial ingredients for your skin like Litchi, Goji Berries and Pomegranates which gives your skin vitamins while you use it! Perfection in a bottle! If I had to pair it with a high end foundation it would be the Vitalumiere foundation by Chanel. Super dewey and super moisturising but still looking modern and fresh and not oily!

I have also tried the Healthy Mix Foundation but I felt it was heavier, and less dewey/glowy. I will keep buying this until they stop selling it, it's that good, it's one of the only foundations I completely finished and ran back to buy on the next day. My shade is 52 Vanilla, as always with drugstore foundations, there are not many shades, but it you are lucky to match up to one, definitely get it! I would recommend this to dry skins but not to oily. It also has not SPF so photographs beautifully!

My second favourite is the newly launched 123 Perfect CC Cream again from Bourjois. This a fairly new addition to my makeup drawer but I keep reaching for it over and over so it had to be included here. For me the BB, CC etc creams are just a marketing trick in my eyes so I usually stay clear of them, but here I decided to try it out and I'm glad I did.  

It claims to have 3 coloured pigments, Orange for Anti-fatigue, Green for Anti-Redness and While against dark spots. I don't have dark spots on my skin so I cannot tell you if this is working, however I can tell you that this is a very light yet pigmented enough base which covers most imperfections on my skin. I only need concealer on big breakouts as this covers everything else. In consistency and finish, it reminds me of my Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation, which I love too. It definitely brightens up my skin and gives a healthy looking glow which lasts for 6-7 hours for me. I do however like to powder it on my T-zone if I want it to last that long. It is SPF 15 so could be good for the summer. 

I simply love these two bases, I think there could possibly be a link in the fact that Chanel and Bourjois are sister brands owned by the same company, perhaps even their formulations are similar, since they both come into my top foundation brands who knows. What I know for sure is that I can't be without these two tubes in my everyday life! 

You can find the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in Boots here for £10.99.
and the 123 Perfect CC Cream from Bourjois here for £9.99. 

Have you tried any of these bases? 
What are your favourite drugstore foundations?

Love, London Girl  xxx


  1. great! they sound great! :)

  2. They are great, have you tired them out yet? What are your favourite bases?

  3. I've just started using the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation and I too love it. Such a great product that doesn't break the bank.

    Laura x | Life and Lipstick